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Time to graduate to "The Graduate Educator"!!!
Thursday, November 01, 2007
I got an email late tonight from my colleague, Dr. Cecil Smith, who went to graduate school with me in educational psychology at the University of Wisconsin oh so long ago. Seems that Cecil has started a new blog that focuses on the education of graduate students as well as those teaching in graduate programs. It is called, "The Graduate Educator" ( In this blog, Cecil discusses issues such as innovative college teaching, pros and cons of giving students more voice or ownership over their learning, grant writing, plagairism, technology integration, conference speaking, instructor modeling, etc. I could envision using his musings and commentary in my own classes.


In effect, this is a discussion of topics that surround those in graduate programs on a daily basis. As such, it is an excellent source of topics to read about, reflect upon, and discuss with others. Some of the issues he discusses are those that you cannot really fit in a class or faculty training or that are too often ignored. In a way, Cecil is using his blog to mentor graduate students in his own program at Northern Illinois University as well as new faculty around the planet or anyone who simply stumbles upon it. He is also starting a discussion about graduate education. With adult education populations exploding through the emergence of online and blended learning, a discussion of their needs, experiences, and requirements is quite useful. Cecil understands adult education and has many books, articles, and conference papers in this area. Cecil started this 2 months ago and really enjoys it.

A few months ago, I mentioned Cecil in my advice on how to get published as a young scholar. Cecil has an article filled with advice for new faculty members which I suggested he turn into a book. Young people in higher education environments will want to read it!

Smith, M C. (2004, April). Advice for new faculty members: Getting your writing program started. Discussion presented as part of Division C New Faculty Mentoring session at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego.

Thanks Cecil! It is always great to see my friends from graduate school doing so well! I have heard from many of them the past two weeks.

See the blog, "The Graduate Educator" (link is above) as well as his homepage and the article noted above. Cecil's Homepage:
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