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An Ed Tech Quickie: Jobs, Journals, and Academic Programs
Thursday, August 18, 2011
An Ed Tech Quickie: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs... by Curt Bonk, Indiana University at Bloomington, August 18, 2011.

This is a brief post for me. A best of the best type of post. A quickie.

Jobs, jobs, jobs. That is the mantra emanating from government hallways in Ottawa, London, Paris, Madrid, Athens, and elsewhere. In the United States, states like Michigan, California, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, and Mississippi are dying for postive news with over 10 percent unemployment. And North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama are right behind at 9.9 percent (see US Dept of Labor June 2011 report). Well, I am happy to report that there are jobs these days for people in the field of educational technology. Trust me on that. Some of my master's and educational specialist (Ed.S.) students have so many job offers that they are having trouble picking the right one to take. Doctoral students, well, that depends on what type of job they are willing to settle for. Tenure track faculty positions are more slim than positions in teaching and learning centers and instructional design departments.

Jobs (Portal #1): Need help finding such a job? Well, one of my most popular blog posts was my list of Websites to find jobs in the field of educational and instructional technology. I posted that one a few years back (April 4, 2008) in response to all the questions I get about locating a job in the field. Then I developed a portal for over 30 such sites including one really fantastic jobs portal from my Instructional Systems Technology department. This list or jobs portal was recently updated. Check it out.

Journals (Portal #2): In addition to questions about jobs, many want advice on where and how to publish in the field of educational and learning technology. So I created a list of journals and magazines that I thought were relevant. Many are open access, online, and free. Some are no longer in service.

Academic Programs (Portal #3): Most recently, I blogged about graduate programs in the United States in educational technology and instructional technology. This July 11, 2011 blog post was in response to all the students who ask me where they might apply for graduate school (not everyone can come to Indiana). I then created an online portal or list of programs one can get a master's or doctorate in educational technology and related disciplines. It is quite a list. There are a few undergraduate programs noted as well. I plan to update it from time-to-time.

So, if interested, you might check out these portals or lists I have created for educational technology and instructional technology related to:

1. Jobs.
2. Journals.
3. Academic programs.

I have continued to update these summary lists. If I am missing one or two, let me know. I have also written advice columns on how to get published as a graduate student or new faculty member (30+ writing tips) (January 31, 2007). In addition, I have blogged on issues related to interviewing for a faculty job (May 4, 2008). I have many other blog posts with writing advice, including a couple in August 2007 (3 p's of professional writing and the 3 p's of publishing). Hope these are helpful.

Caution: This might not be the order you should proceed. Typically, most people first find an academic program. As they proceed, they often start to publish and look for a job. Good luck. And keep Indiana University in mind.

This has been your ed tech quickie...on jobs, journals, and academic programs. Quick Curt out...

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  posted by Curt Bonk @ 4:07 PM   2 comments
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