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List of Ed Tech and Instructional Technology Related Programs in the United States
Monday, July 11, 2011
Educational Technology and Instructional Technology Related Programs in the United States

The Daily Email Grind...Same, Same, Same: Many people around the planet ask me about the program I teach in at Indiana University (IU). It is called "Instructional Systems Technology" (IST). The IST program has been around for like 7 decades, albeit under different names and configurations. Geez, it is nearly as old as members of the Rolling Stones. And, like the Stones, it is still playing a fine tune and a few of us go out on tour from time-to-time. Any other parallels we will leave for another blog post.

Lately, the email I get about the IST program is typically from mainland China. First, out of respect, I remind them that the Great Wall is still older than our program. Other email about the program tends to come from folks in Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Mongolia, Singapore, or some other place. Some of those emailing me plan to apply to my program and are seeking my advice. Others are too late and thinking about applying next year. Still others want me to recommend similar programs should they not get into the IST program at IU. A few simply want to know if I can get them tickets to an IU basketball game or Super Bowl tickets for next February.

That Little Man in my Head: I keep answering the same questions over and over and over. The little man in my head says enough is you want me to answer that question one more time? He is getting old and cranky. I feel sorry for him and so I am creating this blog post and associated Web site.

What do they ask me? Well, the first question typically incorporates many things such as procedures for applying to the program, the expectations of the entrance committee, the funding available, the research interests of the faculty, and so on. I tell them that, "everything counts when applying, not just test scores." I add that, "personally, I like reading the goal statements." Then I try to be honest and say that, "you should apply to more than one program since you might not get into your first choice. And you will have better chances for funding if you apply to several such programs." I use this line with anyone who cannot define what a "Hoosier" is.

Then many respond by asking about applying programs other than mine. They say, "well, which ones might I apply to." This is hard to answer since many are fishing--some are fishing for best climate for weather and others are fishing for best climate for funding. Some are fishing for extremely rare wild game--the best place for everything. Some "El Dorado" of educational and instructional technology programs. Such a place does not exist though I did see El Dorado, Kansas last month on my way from Emporia to the Wichita airport. So I created a list of programs. It is in alphabetic order, not in order of importance. And last week, I created a companion Website for Educational Technology and Instructional Technology programs. Check it out. These programs are also listed below. Quick, go to the link above and you and avoid reading my opening comments and stories.

Hitting the Road: There are dozens of programs to choose from. Many of my colleagues, friends, and students consider the top programs to be Florida State University, the University of Georgia, the University of Missouri, Penn State University, and several others. They are among the chief competitors to my program in IST here in Hoosierville; at least at the doctoral level. Those are excellent places to start, to be sure. I visited and spoke at every one of these campuses during the past year except for Penn State (did that one back in 1991). And I got to a bunch of other campuses as well this year; among them was Syracuse University which has been a rival of IU for decades. After speaking there a year ago as well, my brother Tom and I got a lovely campus tour from one of their faculty members.

During my 2010-2011 travels, I wanted to hear from the students and faculty on each campus what they thought were the best programs. And I wanted to experience each campus. Unfortunately, I will not provide my personal ratings in this public forum. Sorry. You will have to write to me or ask me when at a conference. I can say that I had an especially fun time at the University of Georgia (despite an ice storm on the way down) and the University of Missouri. So many wonderful students and faculty at each one. If someone is considering Ph.D. (permanent head hole digger) programs in ed tech and instructional technology and doesn't put these two on the list, they would be crazy. Florida State...well, should be on there too despite funding problems in the state of Florida lately. Faculty from FSU, Indiana, and Syracuse were among the founders of the field.

There are many more doctoral programs on the list than the 5 or 6 listed above. Some people often consider the University of Central Florida (no, not just because Disney is there...but it does not hurt; UCF has drawn many students from China during the past decade or two), Wayne State University (especially if they work at Ford or GM), the University of Texas at Austin (was there twice last the music scene and food...excellent program as well..can't go wrong), Purdue University (our neighbor to the north with many K-12 and engineering education grant projects), BYU and Utah State (much interest in educational technology and technology in general in Utah), Michigan State University (which has many online programs as well), the University of Wisconsin (this is where I went...ah, Madison in the summer! Don't even think about wintertime), the University of Minnesota (which has cool people and cool projects and cold, cold bone chilling weather...I know since I gave 4 talks there in early February 2010. Adventure Learning!), the University of Hawaii (aloha to all my friends there--see you in October; many mobile learning, Web 2.0., e-portfolio, and e-learning programs at the UH), Virginia Tech (another excellent choice as long as you do not fly into Roanoke when there is low visability like I did), and Stanford University (not easy to get in but a lovely place with brilliant people. I had a nice visit there a year ago.). There are so many programs to choose from.

And there are more...many more, including NYU (if you love New York and can afford it), George Mason University (especially if you are in the DC area), the University of Oklahoma (I presented there last year--some great statues on that campus and not just of football players. Some top notch people there.), the University of Houston (I have presented there several times--great people and conversation and delicious food always...check it out!), Boise State (I hope to visit someday), and the University of North Texas (was there in late April--much happening at is a mini-think tank). See links below for all of these programs and many more. Apologies for any that I did not specifically mention above.

Now back to my opening story...Last week, one of the email inquiries I got was from an undergraduate senior from China. She said that she could not find many programs in the field that were like the IST program at IU. The little man in my head was baffled. "How are people searching these days?," he quickly asked me. But I put him to work to get him to shut up. Soon he was exhausted retrieving all the program data for her. Of course, I felt bad for him. It was the weekend. Supposed to be his day off. We were out on my back deck listening to the birds sing. Unfortunately, it was a sultry hot July day. Soon he was totally exhausted and complained a bit. He told me to just put this info on the Web so he would not have to repeat these steps again. I promptly agreed, mainly to get him off my back (but not out of my head). I was amazed with what he found. In fact, after an hour or two, that little man in my head had found 50 doctoral programs related to educational and instructional technology! I give him a summer bonus. He is now off on a well deserved vacation.

But 50 programs? Yes, there are 50 doctoral programs listed below (and now more than 50 with suggestions for more). Over 50! Wow. And he gave me a list of 12 other master's only programs that he thought people might be interested in. These master's programs, not surprisingly, included San Francisco State University and San Diego State University, both with long running reputations as among the best in the world. Much to do in the Bay area at all times and in San Diego, every day is a chance to run and train. There is also Emporia State University which I visited a month ago--had a great time with everyone. It also has the Teacher Hall of Fame. If you are thinking of a master's, I recommend that you place all three of these places on your list to consider.

Many of these master's and doctoral programs offer online certificates and degrees as well. I do not include much about online master's and doctorates in this list yet. Perhaps later I will add those later on. For now, I do list 9 institutions that only offer online degrees--there are many more than that to pick from. Let me restate, keep in mind that dozens of the face-to-face programs also have online programs. For instance, Old Dominion University has an online Ph.D. and the IST program at IU has an online certificate and online master's...both of which are very popular. My colleagues and I are working to create an online Ed.D. at IU. Announcement to come soon, I hope. Very soon.

Also keep in mind that this area has many names: Educational Technology, Instructional Systems Technology, Instructional Psychology and Technology, Instructional Design and Technology, Learning Technologies and Design, Instructional Technology, Educational Communications and Technology, Human Performance Technology, etc. Some related areas include learning sciences and information science. Even my old field of educational psychology is highly linked and many times will house the ed tech or instructional technology program. Curriculum and instruction programs often do as well.

Prominent Residential Master’s Only Programs (many have online programs as well):

1. California State University at Monterey Bay, Information Technology and Communication Design
2. East Carolina University, Instructional Technology
3. Emporia State University, Instructional Design and Technology
4. Fort Hays State University, Instructional Technology
5. George Washington University, Educational Technology Leadership
6. San Diego State University, Educational Technology
7. San Francisco State University, Instructional Technology
8. St. Cloud State University, Information Media
9. University of Colorado at Denver, Info & Learning Tech (eLearning Design/Imp; ID & Adult Learning; and K-12 Teaching)
10. University of South Carolina, Educational Technology
11. University of Texas at El Paso, Educational Technology
12. University of Utah, Instructional Design & Educational Technology

Residential Doctoral Programs (most include a Master’s
program; many include online degree programs and certificates):

1. Arizona State University, Educational Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
2. Auburn University, Dept of Ed Foundations, Leadership & Tech, Master's Library/Media Tech, Admin emph in Tech
3. Boise State University, Educational Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
4. Brigham Young University (BYU), Instructional Psychology and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
5. Florida State University, Instructional Systems (within the Ed Psych and Learning Department, certificate, Master’s, and Ph.D.)
6. George Mason University, Instructional Technology Program (Master’s and Ph.D.)
7. Georgia State University, Masters in Instructional Design & Tech; Ph.D. in Instructional Tech
8. Idaho State University, Educational Leadership and Instructional Design Masters; Doctor of Education
9. Indiana University, Instructional Systems Technology (Master’s, Ed.S., Ph.D.; IU IST Programs; Research Teams; IUconnectedEd (certificate and Master’s online)
10. Iowa State University, Curric & Instruc'l Tech, Master’s in Curric & Inst'l Tech Special; and Ph.D. in Curric & Instructional Tech
11. Kent State University, Instructional Tech (Master’s); Doctorate in Ed Psych with a Concentration in Instructional Tech
12. Michigan State Univ, Ed Tech Prog Overview; Master’s info; Overseas; Various Progs;Doc prog ed psych/ed tech; Hybrid doc prog
13. Mississippi State University, Instructional Systems & Workforce Development; B.S., Masters, Ed.D., and Ph.D.
14. NYU, Educational Communication and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
15. Old Dominion University, Instructional Design and Technology Program (Master’s and Ph.D.)
16. Penn State University, Instructional Systems (Master’s and Ph.D.)
17. Purdue University, Learning Design and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
18. Syracuse University, Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation (Master’s and Ph.D.)
19. Teachers College, Columbia University, Instructional Technology and Media (Master’s and Ph.D)
20. Texas A&M University, Ed Tech is offered in the Dept of Ed Psych in the Learning Sciences program (Master’s and Ph.D.)
21. Texas Tech University, Instructional Technology (Master’s and Ed.D.)
22. Utah State University, Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences (Master’s and Ph.D.)
23. Virginia Tech University, Instructional Design and Technology Program (Master’s, Ed.S., Ed.D., and Ph.D.)
24. Wayne State University, Instructional Technology (Master’s, Ed.D., and Ph.D.)
25. West Virginia University, Instructional Design and Technology (Master’s and Ed.D.); IDT homepage.
26. William & Mary, Curriculum and Educational Technology (Ed.D. and Ph.D.)
27. University of Alabama, Master’s in Instructional Tech; Ph.D. is in Instructional Leadership with an concentration in Inst'l Tech
28. University of Central Florida, Educational Communications and Technology (Master’s, Ed.D., and Ph.D.)
29. University of Florida, Instructional Technology (degrees granted in Instruction and Curric with emphasis in Educ Tech)
30. University of Georgia, Learning, Design, and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
31. University of Hawaii, Department of Educational Technology
32. University of Houston, Instructional Tech (Master’s); doctorate in Curric & Instruction with emphasis in Instructional Tech
33. University of Kansas, Ed Tech (Master’s); doctorate offered in Ed Leadership & Policy Studies with emphasis in Ed Tech
34. University of Minnesota, Learning Technologies (Master’s, M.Ed. and Ph.D.)
35. University of Missouri, School of Information Science and Learning Technologies or SISLT (Master’s, M.Ed., and Ph.D.)
36. University of New Mexico, Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
37. University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV), Ed Tech; doc in C&I with emph in Ed Tech; joint doc prog in Lrng Tech in Ed Psych
38. University of North Texas, Department of Learning Technologies (Master’s and Ph.D.)
39. University of Northern Colorado, Educational Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
40. University of Oklahoma, Instructional Psychology and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
41. University of South Florida, Instructional Technology (Master’s, Ed.D., and Ph.D.)
42. University of Southern Mississippi, Instructional Technology (BA, Master’s, and Ph.D.) BA; Master’s and Ph.D.
43. University of Tennessee, Instructional Technology and Learning Environments and Educational Studies
44. University of Texas at Austin, Instructional Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
45. University of Virginia, Instructional Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
46. University of Wisconsin, Educational Communications and Technology (Master’s and Ph.D.)
47. University of Wyoming, Adult Learning and Instructional Technology: Main and Instructional Technology

Note: These last five lean more to Learning Sciences than ed tech, but I include them anyway due to significant overlap.
48. Indiana University, Learning Sciences, Master's and Ph.D. in Learning and Developmental Sciences
49. Northwestern University, Sch of Education and Social Policy, Master's and Ph.D. in Learning Sciences
50. Stanford University, Master’s in Learning, Design, and Technology and Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Technology Design
51. Vanderbilt University, Learning Sciences and Learning Environment Design Specialization (Master’s and Ph.D.)
52. University of Washington, Learning Sciences (Master’s, Ed.D., and Ph.D.)

Prominent Online Only Programs

1. Capella University, Instructional Design for Online Learning (Ph.D.) as well as Training and Performance Improvement
2. Jones International University, MEd in K-12 Instructional Technology (Master’s)
3. Nova Southeastern, Instructional Technology & Distance Education (online Ph.D.)
4. Pepperdine University, Learning Technologies (online Ed.D.)
5. University of Phoenix, Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Technology
6. Univ of Maryland, Univ College, 4 Distance Ed Master's Programs, Instr'l Tech, DE/E-Lrng, DE Tchg/Trng, Tech Manage
7. Walden University, Educational Technology (online Ed.D.)
8. Western Governors University, Master of Education in Learning and Technology
9. Western Michigan University, Educational Technology, Certificate and Master’s

Remember: I created a Website for Educational Technology and Instructional Technology programs. You might want to bookmark it. You might also want to tell me about programs that I have forgotten to include. My email is cjbonk at and curt at worldisopen dot com.

During the past few years, I have indexed many such resources including Ed Tech job listing sites and Ed Tech journals and magazines.

In effect, these three portals can help get you in an educational technology programs, then help you find a job in the field, and later get published. Start with programs I guess. You have 52 face-to-face doctoral programs and 12 face-to-face master's programs or more than 60 places to visit in the United States for a degree. If you lack travel money or need to stay home and work, many of these programs have online degrees as well. Good luck to you.

I really do hope this helps. That little man in my head needs a break.

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  posted by Curt Bonk @ 7:34 AM  
  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Caglar said…

    Well, that's a great summary, maybe not summary but overall view, of the programs related to Instructional Technology. Thank you for that. A junior in the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY, I'd like to pursue a Ph.D. degree in IST at IUB. I'm keen to get into IST at IUB, but I'll bear these programs in mind in case I'm not admitted to IUB

  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    Sounds great. We will look for your application to lovely Indiana University.

  • At 8:06 AM, Blogger आकाँक्षा परमार said…

    Hey Curt. Thanks to the little old for sharing the info. Its great!
    Now my query is little different. I hope that you would answer.

    The thing is, I am from India, and have done B.Tech(Information Technology)+ M.Tech(Computer Science) and have total experience of 5 years(industrial+ Teaching). Now my interest area is Educational Technology and like to pursue PhD in the same. There are numerous programs, however most of them are offered by Department of Education.
    I would like to know whether it matters that i am doing from the computer department or education department of the university. I am pretty confused, as i would like teach in engineering colleges after the doctorate degree.

  • At 8:18 AM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    How about your try a Ph.D. at Purdue...they have many engineering education projects there. And a great School of Engineering. Another place might be the University of Missouri. Professors in instructional technology there--Dr. David Jonassen and Dr. Rose Marra, both do research on problem solving of engineers and workshops for engineers. Those are 2 solid choices in schools of education that will leave you with feet firmly planted in engineering or so I think. You might also talk to Dr. Elliot Soloway at the U of Michigan who is in the computer science and engineering depts as well as education. He does much on mobile learning.

  • At 12:17 PM, Blogger joed said…

    My background is is documentary production. I would like to create content for online higher ed programs. I see this as a natural extension of what I've been doing in my documentary work. I hope that I am correct about this! I've applied to both FSU and IU online programs. What are your thoughts on how these two programs compare?

  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    Both are solid programs Joel--very excellent places. I am afraid if I say more publicly, it could be misinterpreted. Feel free to write me an email. Best wishes.

  • At 8:52 PM, Blogger Gretel said…

    Bonjour Curt-I came across your site by putting "top education technology phd programs" in the search bar. Thank you for all of your insight. Are 'Ed Tech' degrees just for techies or also for educators who want to add technology to their expertise? I've been using various forms of technology in my Chicago classroom and in distance teaching. I now am ready to pursue a doctorate degree that enhances my instruction or future job opportunities in the ed tech sector. Merci

  • At 8:57 PM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    Gretel...many people who major in this field are not techies. They might be interested in the uses of technology in education. They might also be interested in instructional approaches, with or without technology. So I think most will be in the latter camp, "for educators who want to add technology to their expertise." Wishing you well. Chicago is not that far away. We many a few online Ed.D. students from there.

  • At 10:54 PM, Blogger Suresh Joshi said…

    my search ends here...when I am on this particular blog of Curt. Have been searching for the right university with the right course offerings since one month....
    this blog should be somewhere in the top search list. It is really useful Curt. My greetings to the little man ....I will be in touch with the little man soon..God Bless

  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Suresh Joshi said…

    my search ends here...when I am on this particular blog of Curt. Have been searching for the right university with the right course offerings since one month....
    this blog should be somewhere in the top search list. It is really useful Curt. My greetings to the little man ....I will be in touch with the little man soon..God Bless

  • At 7:03 AM, Blogger sean lancaster said…

    FYI . . . Grand Valley State University is a public university in Michigan with over 25,000 students. It also has a pretty vibrant Ed Tech master's program that is residential (hybrid) and they also offer a fully online version that allows out of state students to get in-state tuition. More info:

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