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Join My New Facebook Group for YouTube Research Project: "Bonkian YouTubian Researchian" Need 1,000 Respondents by New Years!
Friday, December 07, 2007
My research team and I are conducting research on the motivational and educational aspects of YouTube and have created a Facebook group for it. We need 1,000 respondents by January 1st. Please join this new Facebook group and participate in this research or pass this email on to your friends.

New Facebook Group: “Bonkian YouTubian Researchian”:

Or, if you want to skip Facebook and still participate, just go to and click on the video or the link.

Purpose of Research: What motivates people to watch, create, share, or comment on YouTube videos? Participate in this survey research on YouTube by Dr. Curt Bonk and his colleagues at Indiana University: click to Take a survey on one of 60 of the most popular YouTube videos of all time. Some are educational, some in arts and entertainment, some political and environmental, some sports related, some comedy, and some are on emerging technologies. Take a random survey and get a chance to win an iPhone and an iPod. This research study just started and you can help by taking a few minutes to complete one of the surveys. Goal: 1,000 respondents by New Years! You can be one of them! You too can be a YouTubian research participant.

For those that love YouTube, here is a link to a list of all 60 popular videos used in this research project that you can watch or share:

The above link also explains this project in a bit more detail.

Holiday cheers and thanks!

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