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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
I have not been posting much to my blog yet my fingers are sore from blogging. How can that be? Well, I have been doing many guest blog posts and interview responses. Here are 3-4 examples.

First, Catherine Shinners, Community Manager of contacted me. She has posted my new book, The World Is Open (TWIO), to their library and were profiling my work. That was a kind gesture. She soon asked if I could blog post for them. I said sure and started to write about K-12 leadership issues in the age of e-learning, open education, and the Web 2.0. On Monday, the first of a three-part blog post went up. It is titled, "Learning and Leadership in the Open Education Age (Part 1): Online and Web-Based Learning: 1990-2005."

On their Website, indicated that they want to support global education transformation with different partners, visionaries, and thought leaders from around the world. The site is supported by Cisco Systems, Inc. I may go out to the San Francisco area for an interview on my ideas in front of a live audience. We will see.

It was great to hear of this site and that there is corporate backing for it. Strategic initiatives like this can help people making sense of many changes happening around them.

Second, a week or two ago, my good friend Dr. Sanjaya Mishra of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)interviewed me for his blog TeachKnowLogist. He asked some insightful questions about my TWIO book. Sanjaya is the editor of the Asian Journal of Distance Education. And he works for what I think is the largest university on Planet Earth--IGNOU is approaching 2 million students. Wow! And Sanjaya is one of their stars! He has many books and articles in the field of educational technology. He will be one of workshop chair at the newly announced conference, Global Learn, which will be in Penang, Malaysia May 17-20, 2010.

Sanjaya posted this interview in a couple of different ways. It is text at his blog, "The World is Open" August 13, 2009. You can also listen to it as an archived audio file. And it can be streamed as an MP3 audio file. Always great to have multiple formats.

Listening to a written interview is interesting. I appreciate Sanjaya showing me that. I have now added that feature to this blog. You can subscribe to the podcasts or audio versions of my blog posts. The technology for this is coming from Odiogo. You can sign up. It is free! I recommend that you consider it.

Third, I was interviewed by Scott Jaschik from Inside Higher Ed about my TWIO book. It took me a while to respond. The interview post is, in fact, titled, The World is Open. Again these were great questions. It took a while to respond. It was posted yesterday morning. Much great feedback immediately came in.

I will also have a guest blog post at Powell's Books blog. It will have many links to learning openers which I discuss in my book. Now I need to write a guest blog post for the Faculty Focus newsletter from Magna Publications. Back soon.

Fingers getting sore!
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