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eCampus News: R2D2: A model for using technology in education
Friday, December 11, 2009
What a wild and wacky week. Hard disk failure on my main machine. And of course I forgot to back it up for 16 months. It is now safely (I hope) tucked away at a data recovery center in Louisville. This has all my work for more than a year, so it is a stressful time. Fortunately, I have all my talks on a laptop computer and a few other things on my other laptop. Still, it is a lot of work that is potentially lost. Boot recovery errors and blue screens of death are not pleasant things to see on a Sunday afternoon.

That was not all. My back-up server died during the past week as well. My car is also having serious problems and may not last too long. The worse news came yesterday when my brother called to tell me that my mom had minor stroke. I am headed up to Milwaukee tomorrow morning on Midwest Express on what was to be a birthday party for her. Not to be. She is in West Allis Memorial Hospital (on the grounds of what used to be the field my friends and I played baseball and football on when growing up). So I guess I will see her there.

I will head to Madison Monday for a couple of Webinars for Inside the School which is owned by Magna Publications; one of which will be on blended learning during the swine flu. This will be a live session in the afternoon from 3:15 to 4:30 central time. I will do a taped show to be broadcast in February 22nd, 2010 on my Perfect e-Storm talk.

In addition to packing for Wisconsin, I am grading papers this week. Yuck. And I am revising my course syllabi for spring. Yuck. Yuck. And when I get back, I need to do my annual productivity report. Triple yuck waste of time. People wonder where faculty members spend their holiday break. I can tell you it is in front of the computer. I will do one course online related to my World is Open book and the other on instructional strategies using videoconferencing from Bloomington to Indianapolis.

Well some good news just came to me. Invites came this week to speak in Vienna, West Virginia January 7th, Auburn University March 12th, St. Johns in Newfoundland on October 15th (I have never been there!), and perhaps the Desire2Learn conference in Chicago in mid July. The recession is over for those of us who are keynote speakers. I will also be in Houston and Austin January 18-21, Fargo, North Dakota January 26th, University of Minnesota February 2nd, Houston and Austin February 16-19, Oklahoma City March 8-9, Atlanta March 11, IUPUI March 26, San Francisco for ISPI April 19-21, Denver for AERA April 30-March 3 or 4. Malaysia for Global Learn May 17-20 and Korea before and after that. There is more but I will stop there. Suffice to say, there will be many speaking venues in 2010.

More good news...Dennis Carter at eCampus News (part of eSchool News) said my article on my Read, Reflect, Display, and Do (R2D2) model is their top news story day. Some of you may recognize this as my Empowering Online Learning book with 100+ activities in it. It was great to hear that. I have been writing many such types of brief articles this fall. My fingers are getting sore.

The title of the article at eCampus News is: R2D2: A model for using technology in education. Hope you enjoy it. If you read it, be sure to go to the 3rd and 4th pages which include a bunch of web links to illustate Web technologies and resources addressing different phases of the R2D2 model. Please note that they did not include the main figure that I had included in the article related to the model.

Sometime later one, I may write another piece for eCampus News on my World is Open book. First I need to check on my mom and get my syllabi ready.
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  posted by Curt Bonk @ 3:54 PM  
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  • At 10:47 AM, Blogger Downes said…

    was going to link, but e-Campus throws up a registration wall, forcing people to sign up. Sorry.

  • At 11:00 PM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    Thanks for trying Stephen. I definitely understand.

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  • At 9:49 AM, Blogger Curt Bonk said…

    I wish spammers would not post to my blog.

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