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The October Road Show..Bonk to it!
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Time to Hit the Road:
I will be on the road the next few days with four radio shows on Thursday the 15th of October in Chicago, Racine (Wisconsin), Mequon (Wisconsin--a suburb of Milwaukee) and downtown Milwaukee. The Chicago Public Radio one is at 9 am on Thursday. You can listen in since it is being streamed. It will also be archived. I have never done 4 radio shows in four different cities in a day so this will be fun and a tad challenging. Fortunately, I grew up in the Milwaukee westside burbs. I get to stay one night in Chicago (across from Navy Pier) and a couple of nights with my mom in Milwuakee with a night in Madison sandwiched in between. This will be a fun trip!

On Friday October 16th, I will do two Webinars for Magna Publications in Madison, Wisconsin. The first one is from 10:30 to 12 noon. It is titled: The Flat World Swung Open: Now WE-ALL-LEARN with Web Technology. The second one is from 1:00 to 2:30. It is titled: Creatively Engaging Online Students: Models & Activities. Perhaps your college, university, or organization has signed up for it and you can sit in. Hope to see some of you asking me questions at the end.

On October 20th at noon EST, Robin Good from Rome, Italy will be interviewing me about my World is Open book. Robin is simply an amazing person with a wealth of resources in the world is media. I will be in my home office for this one.

Friday, October 23rd, I will present to the Central Indiana ASTD (CIASTD) chapter in Indianapolis at the pyramid buildings. The talk is titled: The Flat World Has Swung Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Training and Education. For those in the Indianapolis area, this will be at the Holiday Inn near the pyramid buildings on the north side. This will be more of a corporate training audience.

The E-Learn 2009 Conference is in Vancouver in a couple of weeks. The preface is up. As executive board chair, I will be there the entire week from October 24-31st. I also have a 1:30 pm session on Tuesday in the Grand Ballroom B: The World is Open: Introducing the Heroes, Gurus, and
Revolutionaries of the Shared Internet
. This links to my World is Open book. It will be a unique talk with pictures of people who have changed the world of education (the people who created the 10 openers mentioned in the book). I will let the audience pick the opener and, hence, the stories that I will tell. Ironically, four years ago I keynoted this conference when it was last in Vancouver. It was my very first talk that I gave on the open learning world. Now it is a book (or 2 with the free e-book extension to come) and my life. Well, not my entire life. I do other things like YouTube and Wiki-related research. By the way, Grace Lin from the University of Hawaii, and Georgette Michko from the University of Houston, and I also have a talk in Vancouver on our YouTube research. I will just watch that one and let Grace and Georgette perform. Grace helped in my keynote in Vancouver 4 years ago.

Hope to see you in Vancouver. I love Vancouver! That is enough traveling for a while.
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