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The Jossey-Bass Online Teaching & Learning (OTL) Conference Online October 6-8, 2009
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Upcoming Jossey-Bass Online Teaching and Learning Conference:

My publisher Jossey-Bass (JB) (an imprint of Wiley) has asked me to post a note to my blog about their upcoming online conference on October 7th and 8th, 2009. There will also be a special pre-conference workshop, hosted by Fielding Graduate University, which will be held on October 6, 2009. I am the keynote speaker on the final day (Thursday October 8th) from 1:00 to 1:50 pm eastern time (EST). In that talk, I will be discussing my new book, The World Is Open: How Web Technology Is Revolutionizing Education. Here is a link to my talk.

Conference Registration and History/Overview:
The conference title is the "Jossey-Bass Online Teaching and Learning Conference" (OTL2009). It costs $260 ($239 if you register before September 19th) and this code will give you an additional $20 off (cbk4b); so as cheap as $219 if you do it this week. The conference program looks interesting.

In these days of budget shortfalls, I am sure that many people will prefer an online conference. Jossey-Bass (JB) says that the speakers are "over 20 of the field's most well-respected practitioners and authors." Or perhaps 19 famous folks and little ol' me. Many of them are JB authors. Hence, this is good exposure to people writing about teaching with technology without having to fly or drive somewhere. I doubt if these 20 people were ever in one place or space before or ever will be again.

From what I hear, this is the third year of the conference and it has always been online. They had perhaps 300-400 the first year and I think 600-700 the second year. So perhaps they will get to 1,000 this year. Hard to say. I was sent an email today that said that this year there is an option for Continuing Education Credits. More added bonuses are noted below.

The Program and Some Topics:
The topics include "Learning Online with Games, Simulations, & Virtual Worlds" with my friend Clark Aldrich. Jonathan Finkelstein (who is helping me with my session) will talk about Producing Great Podcasts. Also making an appearance are my amazing friends from Calgary, Randy Garrison and Norm Vaughan talking about "Recent Developments in Blended Learning in Higher Education." They have a cool new book on blended learning, Blended Learning in Higher Education: Recent Developments and Implications for Practice. It is much more applied and lighter (easier to carry around AND use) than my Handbook of Blended Learning; Global Perspectives, Local Designs from 2006.

In addition, Rena Palloff and Keith Pratt, who seem to be everywhere (and perhaps are), will do a preconference workshop on the 6th on "10 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Own Professional Development." They will have a conference talk on the 7th on "Assessing the Online Learner: Resources and Strategies for Faculty" and on the 8th on "Collaborating Online: Learning Together in Community Online." They have books on everything imaginable in the online teaching and learning field. Rena and Keith were the first to lead us into this field with practical guides.

There are many other great speakers as well as podcasts you can listen to from the likes of Stephen Brookfield (Discussion as a Way of Teaching), Raymond Wlodkowski & Margery Ginsberg (Diversity and Motivation), and Rita-Marie Conrad and J. Ana Donaldson (Engaging the Online Learner: Activities and Resources for Creative Instruction). There is even a scheduled Happy Hour from 4:30 to 5:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon October 7th.

Three Book Bonus:
Those who register will receive their choice of any of 3 books from 8 that are offered. Free! Here are some of them:

1. Learning Online with Games, Simulations, and Virtual Worlds: Strategies for Online Instruction
by Clark Aldrich

2. Assessing the Online Learner: Resources and Strategies for Faculty
by Rena M. Palloff and Keith Pratt

3. Using Wikis for Online Collaboration: The Power of the Read-Write Web
by James A. West and Margaret L. West

Notice that my book is not in there. It is ok...remember I am currently writing a free e-book extension of The World is Open (TWIO) book with the same chapter sequence but different content. This will come out in a couple of months. Working on chapter 10 of 12 now. The WorldisOpen Website also has tons of resources and references from both books and a free prequel and postscript.

Recap and Contact Information:
So let's recap this conference a bit. You will get to meet 20 authors in live interactive keynote and workshop sessions, learn concrete and practical resources to help in higher education teaching and learning, network with hundreds of global colleagues, listen to special bonus podcasts, access archived session information at any time after the conference, learn from leaders in the field, and get 3 free books. Sounds like a pretty good assortment of activities. In some corporate conferences or face-to-face events you pay this amount or even more for just one or two speakers. See the conference flier for more details.

If you have questions, JB can be contacted by e-mail: or by Telephone: 888.222.9749 (in US & Canada). 212.420.6052 (outside US & Canada)

Hope you get a chance to enjoy the conference. See some of you on October 8th. Remember, the world is now open to do so!
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