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Saturday, October 03, 2009
Instead of posting to my blog I recently made a blog post at the Mission to Learn website. Jeff Cobb, who coordinates that site, asked for "Ten Tips for Navigating a More Open World." So I gave him ten tips with many links. He posted it on September 28th. It looks longer than I remember it. Perhaps this is due to the editorial comments that Jeff added.

I had forgotten about this and tonight I discovered it went up. Also tonight, my assistant, Seth White, stumbled upon a blog post from Lisa Chamberlin who apparently has decided to create her own Ph.D. program in educational technology after reading my The World is Open book. Getting people to skip traditional doctoral programs and create their own degrees instead was not the main intent of the book. However, I bet people like Lisa will lead the way for tens of thousands or perhaps millions of others to do this during the remaining 90+ years of this century. Her blog post was made back on September 17th. It is title, "The Open PhD—What a Concept." It is a quite interesting post as are the comments posted by many others. You might check it out.

So, what are your thoughts...can self-created programs of study using open educational resources and open courseware replace traditional programs? Is Lisa among the first of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people? What is needed for more people to attempt to do this? What tips would you have for Lisa and others in navigating this open world? Where is this all headed? What is coming next?

I am curious what you think. If most people interested in a doctoral degree skip the university and create their own degree programs, many of my colleagues could end up in unemployment lines. Reading the comments beneath Lisa's post, it is clear that she is not alone in wanting more choice, flexibility in course selection, and cheaper options than prevailing price tags of doctoral degrees. The coming year will likely make this increasingly evident.
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