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Announcing the 2010 Virtual Symposium - Education for All: Enabling Access through Technology
Friday, March 05, 2010
Are you bored? Needing something to do? You are in luck. There is a free conference happening this month that is related to virtual learning. Drexel University with help from Wainhouse Research and the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network in Beijing are putting on such a conference for the 2nd straight year. I know a bit about it since I am the conference keynote. The conference organizers send me some updated information on the conference in hopes that I might mention it in my blog and so I am.

My keynote will be March 23rd at 8 pm EST for 30 minutes (originally, it was to be at 7:30 pm but daylight savings time is earlier than they expected and so they are trying to be sure that the partners in China will be awake; hence, the 30 minute delay). The conference is called the 2010 Virtual Symposium - Education for All: Enabling Access through Technology. My talk will be on my recent book, “The World is Open.” It will be followed by a short response and Q&A session. The talk will be streamed live and also available online after the event free to the world. I will be coming in via videoconferencing from our Radio and TV Building.

In addition to the keynote, I will also give an invited talk on March 25th: “Best Practices for Online Learning: R2D2 and TEC-Variety.” This will be a shorter talk of like 23 minutes.

Note that the conference registration is totally FREE. Also note that there are already several on-demand presentations posted for this month long virtual symposium. Check out the conference information online.

There are some great speakers coming throughout the month. Among them are Dr. Rebecca Clothey from Drexel, Dr. Baiyun Chen from the University of Central Florida, and Alan D. Greenberg leads the Wainhouse Research Education and e-Learning Strategic Advisory Service. You will also find Dr. Qin Jiang Higley who is the Asian Projects Manager at WIDE World, a professional development program for educators developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Dr. Craig Bach who is Drexel University’s Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum and Assessment, Philip Karp who is Regional Coordinator for East Asia and the Pacific at the World Bank Institute (WBI), the unit of the World Bank, and many others. Sounds interesting? It sure is! More information on the conference speakers and participants can also be found online.

My invited “Best Practices” talk is scheduled for March 25th can already be downloaded in 3 different formats from my videostreamed talks page.

1. Small size screen: 41.3 MB MP4 iPod Video Download Link:

2. Medium size: 70.7 MB Medium MP4 QuickTime Video Download Link:

3. Large size: 153.1 MB Large MP4 QuickTime Video Download Link:

I hope you can parttake in the conference and, if you do, that it is enjoyable. Remember, nothing is as enjoyable as "free!"
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