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SCoPE event on World is Open book in Elluminate later today...
Monday, December 21, 2009
What's the SCoPE?: SCoPE people (namely, my friend, Sylvia Currie over in British Columbia) is hosting an Elluminate event on my World is Open book today. According their Facebook account, "SCoPE brings together individuals who share an interest in educational research and practice and offers opportunities for dialogue across disciplines, geographical borders, professions, levels of expertise, and educational sectors." What a wonderful mission statement. This is exactly what we need in education--borderless interaction among the educators and caring citizens of this planet. But this is exactly the type of thing that Sylvia is great at.

I met Sylvia, Cindy Xin, Brian Fisher, and many other fantastic people at Simon Fraser back in November of 1998 when I was on a sabbatical. I miss them all. At the time, they were working for the TeleLearning Centres of Excellence which was headquartered at Simon Fraser University under the direction of Dr. Linda Harasim. As a side note, I often tell my students that Linda was "Queen of Online Learning"--an early adopter with many books on e-learning--so it was great to be there and learn from them all. At the time, Sylvia was running the Global Educators Network (GEN). GEN brought in a different expert or set of experts on a topic related to using technology in teaching and learning. It was a fabulous idea that had a wide following. It ran wonderfully for a few years but I think lost some funding. So now SCoPE is sorta version #2 of GEN. And, like GEN, attendance at SCoPE Webinars, forums, and what-nots is free.

I cannot think of many organizations as important as SCoPE. With millions of teachers around the world and more than a billion people now connected to the Internet in some fashion, you would think that organizations like GEN and SCoPE would be in high demand and have thousands of weekly viewers or millions of readers. These forums can serve as both an educational opportunity as well as chance to network and share stories and best practices. But, while it is not large, SCoPE, and organizations like it, serve a vital role in progressive education; especially that related to learning technology. SCoPE is one of thousands of such entities which is providing the push we need for change. Each one does not need thousands of members--just a few people and their networks can impact countless others.

SCoPE Web Event Today: The event in SCoPE later today will be held at 5 pm today EST or 2 pm Pacific. More information on the event is also posted to Facebook. You can look up the time in the World Clock link from that homepage. Or you can go directly to Elluminate:

Sylvia also recently blog posted on the event and my World is Open book on her Webbed Feat blog. As I said, she is highly creative.

Hope to see you there. There will be a short presentation followed by questions and I hope a few answers. Sorry for the late post on this but I am having computer problems lately and so I am now forced to use one of my laptops that I normally do not use for Elluminate meetings. Fortunatley, it is working great! I think I will use it more often. Even better news is that my hard disk that crashed is not as bad as expected--data recovery center people in Louisville said that they can get it all using Level 1 data retrieval procedures which will not be that costly. Cool!
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